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Hosting A Baby Shower For the First Time?

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Your very best friend has just told you that she is pregnant! After screaming with delight and hugging her, you ask the important questions……Due date? How are you feeling? What does Daddy-to-be think? Once these are answered you both enjoy letting your imaginations go to the future play dates, diaper discussions & breast-feeding pros & cons.

Later that day a shocking thought pops into your mind. You are the Best Friend…that means you are the “Baby Shower Hostess”! Where do you begin? It always looks so easy when you attend other baby showers but how did it all come together so beautifully?

To begin with, don’t panic, you have plenty of time. In fact it is a good idea to wait as long as you can. Once the parents know the gender and possibly even the new little one’s name, it will help you with the shower theme and purpose.

The purpose is to shower the new parents with as many wonderful baby gifts as possible to start them off with all the supplies they will to welcome the baby home. First time parents may not even know what all they need, from tiny nail clippers to the crib!

Once you learn the gender, if they choose to know ahead of time, it is fun to fashion your party around a central theme, from invitations to decorations and favors.

Have a “Princess Party” or a “Winnie The Pooh & Friends Party” by using one of the amazing centerpiece gift packages found here at Doodlebuckets!

These wonderful Diaper Cakes are stuffed with over twenty baby items plus 35 diapers! This generous gift can sit in the middle of your cake table to decorate during the gathering and then be given to the Mommy-to-be at the end of the party for her to examine & delight over as she explores all the hidden presents inside!

Another thoughtful idea is to provide the guests with fun take home baby shower party favors! This adorable and sophisticated leather high heel key chain would definitely be a big hit with everyone!

There are many other party favors here for you to choose from. Try to keep the cake, favors and even the games in a consistent theme along with the decorations.

A few hours spent with good friends, chatting, laughing and celebrating a new life is totally worth the effort and planning to make it as nice as you can!

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