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Hot Weather Fun For Kids

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water-funSome days in the summer season are so hot that we are often tempted to just keep our children indoors for days at a time in the cool air conditioning. While it is true that we need to protect our little ones from sunburn or becoming over heated and dehydrated, it is still a good thing to give them some outdoor time most days.

One popular and easy solution for the hot days when you do not have a small wading pool or the energy to do the whole swimsuit thing is a water table. A water table can be purchased for $30 and up, or you can create one yourself!

All you need is a low plastic table like the coloring tables most kids have in their rooms. If a low water safe table is not available, your child’s play wagon may be at just the right level for some fun water play. The key is to have a low table and a shallow container to hold the water. A rectangle Tupperware or Rubbermaid pan could work, or a roasting pan.

Next you will need some fun water toys to add to the mix. Shovels, funnels and little plastic cups are enough to get most kids splashing happily away!  Adding a straw will give your kid the freedom to blow bubbles as much as they want without being told to stop it as happens when visiting a restaurant! What about a bit of food coloring? Or ice cubes? A giant syringe style turkey baster would certainly lead to some fun experimenting.

If you wanted to make it an educational activity, it would be easy to ask your child about what floats and what does not. Then let him place a few different items in the water after guess which would float and which would not.

The truth is that all play is educational. The splashing, pouring and blowing bubbles are all teaching your child about the world around her. Her mind is calculating and reasoning every day as she plays and experiments with her world.

Why not use those hot summer days as an excuse to get out there and play in the water? Safety is important even with a water table. Adult supervision is still required at all times. Now, go out and have some fun with your child.

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