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How About A Mommy and Me Baby Shower?

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Mommy and Me Baby ShowerIf you have older children at home it is very likely that your whole circle of friends also have kids around the same ages. When planning a Baby Shower for the mom of older kids it might be a fun idea to plan a Mommy and Me Baby Shower.

While most young moms love the idea of getting away from the children for a relaxing time with girlfriends, sometimes it can be difficult to find babysitters and the Dads may be unavailable to care for the “big” little ones while Mom is out.

A Mommy and Me Baby Shower would include big sister or brother in the fun of getting ready to welcome the newest sibling into the home. What better way to do this than to invite other Moms to bring their kids along to the party?

The invitations would instruct guests to bring a baby gift and a “big sib” gift. Matching outfits would be a really great gift for same gender siblings and very easy to do. Or the invited “big” kids may want to choose a special toy that they know the sib of honor may like.

The games for a Mommy and Me baby shower would be especially fun and silly! Have the kids spoon-feed their mommy as fast as they can or do up mommy’s hair with headbands and barrettes! If you are really brave you could hand the children make-up to give Mom a wonderful makeover!

In order to give the grown up guests a chance to relax, you may want to hire a teen babysitter to watch the children for a portion of the Baby Shower. Then bring them back in for the dessert time of course! Or, since cupcakes work really well with little ones, the teen babysitter may oversee the kids while they decorate their own cupcakes, what a fun and creative time that would be!

Another great and hopefully inspiring activity for a Mommy and Me Baby Shower would be to hand the mothers a 3×5 index card and a pencil and have them get somewhere comfortable with their child. Instruct the moms to ask for a bit of advice about being a big sister/brother, or ask them what their favorite thing is about being an older sibling, and have the moms write it on the card. These are sure to be very sweet, funny and entertaining when you all gather together and share them out loud!

The main goals for a Mommy and Me Baby Shower are to make everyone feel like they are important and that a new addition to the family is a wonderfully good thing!

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