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How to Choose Diaper A Bag

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diaper-bagWhen you are choosing a diaper-bag, you need to consider everything. Is this going to be a bag that doubles as your purse? Should this bag look like a diaper bag, or are look for a clever disguise? You need to decide this before you go to the store and get lost in the rows, racks, stacks and sales of the infamous diaper bag. The store is going to offer everything, but that doesn’t mean you should buy everything. The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of diaper bag you want in the first place. Basically if you boil everything down there are three main categories: Designer bags, Discrete Bags, and the Diaper bags.

A designer diaper bag serves just as it sounds. This bag is for the fashionista mom, the one who would never consider carrying a mismatching bag, let alone a diaper bag. The designer purse/diaper bag is stylish enough to pass as a cute tote but serves the purpose of a diaper bag. A simple google search of “designer diaper bag” will give you a plethora of styles in shapes, color, and workability. This bag is under a lot of pressure because it needs to pass the strenuous purse style need, but work the gritty job of a diaper bag. However, these bags are very findable. There are entire boutiques dedicated to the manufacture of gorgeous diaper bags that still technically serve their true functions. They are also very pricey. Designer bags are great if you have an extra couple hundred dollars lying around. Otherwise, you may want to reconsider your purchase.

Discrete bags are a great blend of the hardcore diaper bag and the designer bag. This bag is a unique find, and could be a bit pricy, but an amazing addition to your baby gear. They need not necessarily be created specifically for baby needs, but they have a lot of pockets, provide plenty of room, and look like something you may carry. There are drawbacks to this bag however. Since it isn’t designed to be a diaper bag, it probably won’t have the zipper across the top which can be hazardous when your child learns to crawl. They also will not be waterproof. These aren’t deal-breakers, but it is something to consider. It is fairly easy, however, to find this bag. You can always try the purse section at wal-mart, target, or the like kind of stores. Turn a cute messenger bag or back pack into a diaper bag. They are the few, the trendy, the frugal, the discrete diaper bag.

Lastly, and popularly, we have the full Monty: the diaper bag. This bag is for the sole and only purpose of your babies needs. Pockets, lining, zippers, safety features, lights, bells, and whistles, this is the diaper bag. These are findable at any baby store (online or local). On the upside they do what they were built to do well. If something spills on them they won’t be stained (although some are still cloth they are usually washable) and you don’t have to worry about small detachable bits that could prove dangerous. Could there be a downside to these bags? Yes. Only that they look like diaper bags. They tend to be chunky occasionally gaudy a stereotypically vinyl-y. Prices will range from high to low depending on how many features you’d like. In the end, if you don’t mind people knowing it’s a diaper bag, this bag is the way to go.

By knowing which of these three you are searching for you will cut your search time in half. Try the easiest option for yourself first, whether that is online to save on gas, or local stores to save on shipping, depending on where you live. After that let your conscious be your guide. Make sure it’s a bag you will be happy to carry for a few months. DON’T get roped into thinking that you can just switch between bags. Keeping bags fully stocked and ready is a whole other breed of horse, doing it with multiple bags is almost impossible.  Choosing your bag is a not as light a step as it seems. Take care when choosing your diaper bag.

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