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Into The Future Baby Shower!

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INTO THE FUTURE Baby ShowerThe baby gifts at all baby showers tend to concentrate on the first year. Guests love to shop for all the cute and teeny tiny outfits. The baby gifts that receive the biggest “oh’s” and “aah’s” are the adorable little newborn outfits and baby toys for the crib.

Those darling little t-shirts and onesies do not last for very long however. A newborn grows at an astounding rate. Very often a special Sunday outfit may be worn only once or twice before it is outgrown and useless.

Weather you are shopping for a baby gift to take to a baby shower or you are the hostess for your best friend’s celebration, you may want to consider looking into the future as you make your plans.

A fun and unusual baby shower theme that will provide the new parents with drawers full of clothes and toys for the years to come would be an INTO THE FUTURE Baby Shower! This will be especially helpful if your Guest of Honor is having more than one baby shower.

Come up with an eye-catching name for your Future Themed Shower, like Back to the Future, Tomorrow and Beyond or There Will Always Be Tomorrow. Use your imagination and consider your group of friends.

Let your guests know that the baby gifts are for beyond Newborn size. Encourage them to bring Toddler clothes and toys.

Also ask your Guests be thinking of a personal, practical or inspirational message they would like to give the baby in the years to come.

Decorate with futuristic pictures of fantasy predictions like flying cars, hologram phones and 3D televisions. Calendars of the years to come could also convey the futuristic theme also!

Provide your baby Shower Guests with special stationary and nice pens. Ask them to take a few minutes to write a short message to the coming baby. It could be practical advice about school or choosing friends. They may want to tell the baby a funny story about Mommy or Daddy. An inspirational and encouraging note will be treasured for a long time!

Invite your Guests to read their note aloud if they desire. No doubt there will be some teary eyes by the time this exercise is over! Have the Guests place their baby message in a box that you have decorated or bought for that purpose.

If your group of friends enjoy prayer, this would be a wonderful time to gather around the Mother–to-Be and say those prayers aloud as an encouragement to her and her family.

You may want to include a photo of each Guest to be saved along with their written message. This way the child will know the faces of the people who loved her/him before they were even born!

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