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Journal Keeping For Your Children

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Journaling-childrenMost mothers realize that they are experiencing important and precious moments with their children every day. In this day of instant photos and “Mommy Blogs” we are very good at capturing the busy life of a family with small children.

But there is another way to grab those sweet moments and turn them into wonderful memories for your kids; keeping a journal. The idea of adding yet another job to your already super busy day may not sound very agreeable at first. If you are not a natural writer it may even appear to be a daunting chore.

Writing down a few cute or funny words your toddler says need not be a difficult task though. The key to keeping a journal for and about your children is to keep it light and spontaneous. Do not set up a bunch of hard and fast rules that will make you feel guilty if you break them. All mothers deal with enough guilt every day without finding another source for it! So, don’t promise yourself that you will write about little Janey every night before going to sleep. Let it happen naturally and find your own pace for recording their young lives.

It will be easier for first time mothers to buy and begin filling out a blank journal as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Write about your thoughts and happiness at the welcome news of being pregnant. Write letters to your baby. Tell about how the grandparents reacted when they heard you were having a baby! Go ahead and describe the difficult and scary parts of carrying a child.

Then be sure and describe the birth and all your thoughts, fears and feelings. Record who gave the baby gifts and who came to baby showers. Then have fun describing the baby’s reaction to certain sights and foods.

In the toddler years a journal becomes the prefect place to save the funny and cute things little Tommy says every day! You may think that you will never forget it, but life gets busy and small moments of wonder get lost in the details of daily life.

Once you have more than one child, it will become a little more challenging to keep a journal about each child but it will be worth it in years to come. If you keep your journals out and in view, there is a better chance that you will add some scribbles every once in a while.

After you say goodnight to your child and walk back out to tell your husband about the funny thing your toddler said, grab the journal and get it down in writing. What did she say the other day when you told her that Grandma was coming over? How did he react the first time he tasted orange sherbet?

After years of this practice you will have a wonderful collection of special memories for each child and it will also become a source of your family’s history.
You will be able to check back and see when they last had the flu or chicken pox. Or what kind of cake you made for your child’s last birthday.

Someday you will hand that journal to your grown son or daughter and it will be a cherished treasure for them. After all, we do not know if our huge collection of photos that are stored on our computers will be there forever or if they will someday become obsolete. But simple words in a book will always be there for you and your family.

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