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Kaloo 123 Teddy Bear Diaper Cake


Baby showers are a time honored tradition, and so is the gift table. It can be daunting, seeing the mountain of impressive baby-stuffs   and your simple, yet practical gift might seem like not such a good idea anymore. You’ve come to the right place; we offer a line of Kaloo Gift diaper cakes which are sure, not only to impress, but to be one of the most practical gifts on the table.

If your loved one is “going green” or is simply concerned about the safety of the environment, the Kaloo Organic Pure Chubby Teddy Bear Diaper Cake is the perfect gift choice. This diaper cake comes with ten size one biodegradable chlorine free disposable diapers and an organic teddy bear with matching box. This gift is decked in white and is sure to make a lasting memory on the gift table and in the life of your new little loved one.

Knowing the gender of the baby always makes for a more tailored gift. Kaloo understands that and in accordance, have offered a beautiful Kaloo Patapouf Sailor Diaper Cake for boys. This adorable cake comes with an arrangement of diapers, as well as an adorable teddy bear fitted in sailor garb. This tiny mariner comes with matching keepsake box. This is one gift that is too cute to be real, even before it is opened.

On the other side of the coin we have Kaloo’s offerings for little girls. The  Kaloo Lilirose Chubby Cat Diaper Cake comes completely pink with a beautiful and huggable stuffed kitty. This kitty comes with an arrangement of diapers, and her very own keepsake box. This gift will be a sure hit with mother an later baby. The perfect gift for the little princess.

Diaper cakes are a beautiful and useful gift. Not only are you demonstrating how you feel for the family, but also showing a little creativity in the process. All of our diaper cakes are free from harmful chemicals and dangerous small removable pieces. The only thing you will be giving is a thoughtful, adorable, and clever gift; you’ll have the mother smiling ear to ear.

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