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Keeping Baby Safe from Germs at the Grocery Store

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baby germsStudies have shown that grocery store carts are germier than pubic restrooms, escalators and public telephones, second only to bus rails and playground equipment.  So what can you do to keep your baby safe?  Below are some suggestions of ways to put up a germ barrier for your baby!

Keep infants away from crowds
Babies’ immune systems are just being developed; you should give them at least a couple of weeks to start producing their own antibodies.  Babies’ have what they need for being at home, but a crowd might expose the baby to a large number and greater variety of germs, increasing the risk of a dangerous one getting through.

Over the years, sanitation wipes have started appearing at the door to grocery stores so customers can wipe their carts before they use them.  States are passing laws to make this a requirement, but it is a good idea to keep your own with you at all times.   Also keep a disinfectant spray and gel so you can spray a diaper changer before you use it.

No teething
When a baby is teething, he will put anything in his mouth, but teething on the cart handle could be very dangerous, they have been found to have fecal matter and saliva on them.  Also be careful not to let the baby grab things out of the cart and put them in their mouth.  Better yet, bring clean safe toys from home for the baby to teeth on!

Invest in a shopping cart cover
This will help keep the germs away for sure!  There are plenty of styles available here: (insert website address here)  Keep one at home, one in the car and one in the baby bag so you will never be without one.  There are many patterns and styles to choose from.

Keep baby in the stroller
Keeping the baby strapped in will prevent them from getting on the dirty floor or finding items to put in their mouth that have been who know where.  If you keep the baby wrapped in a blanket, it will deter people from approaching them.  The less contact with strangers, the better!

Wash up After
Before you leave the store, take a moment to wash your hands or use a get antibacterial gel on your hands, baby’s too.  Once you get home, take time to change both your clothes.  Be sure to throw any blankets or shopping cart cover’s you used while shopping into the washing machine.

Some germs are good, but others can be deadly.  It is wise to be careful when out and about and your baby will stay safe and secure this cold season!  Hopefully, after shopping, the only thing you will pick up is the items you went in for, not any germs or bacteria!

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