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Keeping Baby Safe When You Are Out and About

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Keeping baby safe when you are away from home might be a challenge, but below are some suggestions of ways you can provide a secure environment for your child.

Strolling along
Select a stroller that is wide enough that  it won’t tip over even when an older  baby leans over the side.  Don’t forget to secure the baby by using the seat belt and center strap.  Don’t hang your purse or bag when you are shopping over the handles of a small stroller because it might become top heavy and topple over.  Use the breaks when you stop so that the stroller won’t get away from you.  Be careful when you unfold the stroller that little fingers will be safe from pinching.

Carrying the Baby
If you use a carrier like a sling, make sure baby fits in correctly fully supported with the head cradled and weight distributed properly.  Do not ever use a carrier of any type when you are riding a bike or in a car.  Keep a good watch to make sure that the carrier does not have strings hanging, sharp places or missing parts that are especially important like straps or snaps that hold the baby in.

Riding in the Car
Select a car seat that is the appropriate one for your baby’s age and weight.  Do not use a car seat in a location that has an airbag.    Check and double check that the seat is installed correctly.   If you have one that is used, make sure you know the people you are getting it from.  You will won’t to ask them if it is older than 6 years or if it has been involved in a car accident, if it has, then you will need to get a new one.

Staying Overnight
When you go for an overnight stay at Grandma’s house, remember to pack a kit with outlet covers and latches for cabinets or drawers.  Take along medicines that you might need in the event of an emergency like Benadryl for allergies or baby Tylenol incase your baby starts to run a fever.  Don’t forget to include a gate if your host has stairs or dangerous areas that you would like to prevent your child from wandering into.  Play pens or portable cribs are also wonderful to keep your baby out of harms way as well as provide a place for baby to sleep.

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