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Keeping Your Winter Baby Cozy

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As the weather turns colder we pull out the heavy winter coats, hat and scarves. We know that keeping our heads covered keeps our whole body warmer. As new parents you are now responsible to keep a brand new human being cozy and comfortable in the harsh winter months also. Here are some tips to help you in your first winter as a parent.

  • Do not overdress your baby. As we look out the window and see snow or rain or wind, it is easy to start putting layer after layer on our newborn before going out.  But too many layers can cause over heating while in a warm car or store. Remember you will only be out in the weather for short moments from car to buildings.
  • Look at what you are wearing. You have learned that two or three layers are helpful in the winter. If you are wearing a long sleeve shirt and a lightweight jacket, then your baby will be comfortable in the same combination. You may want to add an extra blanket that is easy to remove for good measure.
  • Fussing may be caused by weather discomfort. If you are strolling through a store and cannot figure out why your baby is fussy, consider that it may be just a matter of too much or not enough clothing for the temperature of the store.
  • Winter days call for foot and head coverings. A comfy hat and soft socks or booties will go a long way toward keeping your baby’s temperature even. We lose body heat through our extremities, so keep the tootsies warm and the head covered when you and Baby are outside in the winter months.
  • Keep your baby’s skin dry. Indoor heating can cause skin irritations and flaky skin rashes. Oatmeal baths can keep baby happy a few times a week if needed. Only use gentle baby wash cleansers for your baby’s bath. And remember that your newborn does not need a full bath every day. Two or three baths a week is sufficient. Always dry thoroughly but gently after each bath.
  • Keep baths short. Bath time should not be more than five or ten minutes so that extra moisture is not lost through the skin. Immediately after a gentle drying, apply a soothing lotion. This will ensure that baby’s natural moisture is locked in before the dry indoor air pulls it away.
  • Bundle up for outdoor time but be aware that your little one’s mouth and nose are free to breath. Constantly check that a blanket has not slipped too close to the airwaves. Babies love to be bundled up tight; it makes them feel secure and safe.

Before you know it you will be helping your child build a snowman or splash through rainy day puddles! Enjoy the weather and don’t be afraid to get out there and give your youngster all the fun experiences that winter offers!

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