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dont-buy-everythingPregnancy is exciting; there is nothing like bringing a new life into the world. You’ve read all the books, the articles, watched the tapes, gone to the classes, and bought half of the known world’s diaper supply. New parents are often over-eager to get everything just right and that leads to over-buying. This is because what they forget are the three factors of baby supplies: Showers, Friends, and Family.

1.    Baby Showers. Baby showers are not only celebrations and great girl time; they should be counted as part of your supply gathering. To steer your guests towards the necessaries, try implementing a registry or a “wish” list. You’ll spare your guests the harrowing “what to bring” feeling and you insure a tighter range of gifts that you actually need.

2.    Friends. Friends are a huge source of baby gifts. Even outside the shower, a best friend will drop by to drop off “the cutest little outfit” they happened to find. Take into account that friends love to take care of each other.

3.    Family. These may be the biggest culprits. When new parents buy every baby item in sight and then receive the same items from the three factors listed, it piles up. Those piles have to go somewhere. Families love to pass down and around the loved objects of yesteryear and you should happily count on this when stocking your nursery. Also, grandparents. Spoiling in their natures and they love to do it.

Young parents, it’s okay to furnish your home for your new baby. However, remember to make every purchase with a grain of salt. You will be surprised at the flood of toys, clothes, and supplies the three factors provide. Be ready.

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