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Making your Home Baby Safe

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Babies don’t have the ability to take care of themselves so you have to make sure you prepare your home for them!  You can start by getting down close to the ground and take a look around from their perspective.   And then use this list to help you get started making your home Baby safe!

Choose a crib that meets safety guidelines with a firm mattress so it fits properly in the crib.  Use only a fitted sheet, mattress pad and waterproof pad in the crib.  Take all pillows, bedspreads, sheepskins, big stuffed toys and any other thing that might suffocate the baby once they are asleep.  If they are a newborn, it might help to swaddle them before you put them down.  Once your baby is able to pull themselves up remove any mobiles or toys within reach.

safer babyBathroom
Get a latch for the toilet so that curious hands won’t find their way into it.   Take all cleaners out of the cabinets and drawers and put locks on them.  In the tub you want to cover spouts so that little hands won’t touch them when they are hot.  Use a non slip pad on the bottom of the tub and a bath seat/ring if your baby can sit up on their own.

Never place infants to sleep on your bed, especially if it is a waterbed or has a thick comforter or pillows on it.  Always pull drape and blind cords out of baby’s reach.  Put locks on cabinets and drawers with anything in them that might harm the baby or end up in their mouth.  Keep clothes off the floor, especially if they have drawstrings or buttons that might come off and end up being swallowed.

Take special care in the kitchen since there is so much that can harm a baby.  Clean any dangerous chemicals out of the lower cabinets and put locks on all of them.  Lock the drawers, especially if there are sharp or small objects in them.  Use the waist and crotch straps that are part of your high chairs.  Don’t depend on the feeding tray on a high chair to secure your baby.  Keep the chair away from items on the table or counters nearby.  Also be aware of anything that the baby may be able to push on with his feet and tip possibly tip the chair over.  Don’t ever allow your toddler to stand in the high chair, it is too easy for it to tip over.

Family room and all over
If you have a sharp edge on your coffee or end tables, you might want to put some padding around the edges to keep little toddlers’ heads safe.  Also pay attention to fireplace hearths too for sharp corners or hot surfaces.  Put cords away because babies can pull on lamp cord for example and end up pulling the whole lamp off the table.   Cover each outlet so that little fingers or metal toys do not find their way into them!  If you have other children you need to keep a lookout for small toys that may end up on the floor and become a chocking hazard.  Do not let babies sleep on couches or beanbag chairs either, only on places approved for babies.

Take time to get your home ready for the baby before he arrives because once the baby comes you will have less time!  Having a safe home is good for both of you.   The baby will have a sense of security and it will also help you be able to rest and relax!

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