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Modeling Love In Your Home

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shutterstock_90743129.epsWe want to give our children the best of everything. Every parent wishes they had enough money to lavish their children with high quality toys, clothing and the best food. We all do the best we can with what we have, but we still wonder if we could have done better.

The children in elementary school (Kindergarten through sixth grade) all seem to know the difference between the clothing brands now in ways that their parents never did. The kid in the seat next to your child in class always has better jeans, shoes and backpack. And of course a much better phone!

In this tough economy it is nearly impossible to compete in the clothing and phone wars. As good parents we really do not even want to compete, but we do long to have happy and satisfied children. Where is the balance? How can we raise up our kids in a way that produces good and kind people?

The answer is found in the home. Even though our children may say that their sole happiness can be found in the current jeans style with proper brand name, we need to remember who is the child and who is the adult. We actually do know better and should trust ourselves. The most expensive jeans are not going to make your child happy, at least not for long.

True happiness and security come from knowing we are loved. It is true for us as adults and it is true for kids. Do your children see you treating your spouse with love and deep respect? Do they get to experience how you apologize to one another after an argument? Are your kids aware of your love for them?

We cannot assume our kids know they are loved because we work hard for them. It needs to be verbalized and shown physically often. Even if you are not one who expresses your love with words easily, it is vital to your kid’s self-esteem and self worth that they hear that they are loved. Modeling love in the home is worth more than the best toys, clothing and food. As your children grow and mature, they will come back to you and be thankful for your love.

Love is measured out in time spent together and in true interest in their lives. Ask your kids about their day and really listen when they answer. Give up your time in front of the news program and sit with your kid on the floor playing or talking. This is modeling love and worth more than the best cell phone with all the best gadgets and extras.

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