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Mommy-bloggerAnyone who ever learned how to turn on a computer or laptop knows that there is a segment of the cyber world that is dedicated to blogs. These are a huge part of the Internet world. Anyone and everyone can create and write their very own website now and millions are doing just that.

This has created another community called Mommy Blogs. They are websites designed by mothers and they are pouring their hearts out to all who will “listen” or read them.

Some are uplifting, encouraging and helpful. Especially to stay-at-home moms who long to hear an adult voice. Or in this case, read an adult voice. They are a great place to get your questions answered and your fears soothed.

Others are full of complaining and bitterness. It is best to steer clear of the negative toned blogs. Who needs to be pulled down by a stranger anyway?

The great benefit of Mommy Blogs is the ability to find an understanding community of sorts. All the mothers that write blogs, also are reading blogs and that creates a “conversation” of sorts. This community of women in similar circumstances can be a lovely and powerful boost to a mother’s day.

Years ago a new mother had very few places to get help. Leaving the hospital with a newborn can be extremely overwhelming. In past generations the young mothers brought the baby home to a house full of more than one generation. The grandparents often lived with the young couple or vice versa.

But today our families are spread far apart across the globe and even our neighbors change much more often than in times past. So that has caused many young parents to be on their own in a brand new and often scary situation.

Mommy Blogs offer encouragement, solace and practical advice on a daily basis. A mom can ask a question and expect various answers within minutes or days. They are exchanging baby pictures along with their frustration with potty training or nap times.

Many mothers are writing in short ten minute segments while waiting for their little one to be done with pre-school for the day or at a play-date. Naptimes are especially treasured moments for mommy bloggers!

Always double-check any advice you see on the Internet though. Not every one has the same values or experience so the advice needs to be taken with your own common sense and caution. Especially where medical questions are concerned.

To find some fun mommy blogs just google the words mommy blogs and that will get you started!

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