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Moms Need a Day Off

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momIn May of every year Americans celebrate mothers. Mother’s Day is meant to be a time to say thank you to our moms and maybe take them out to dinner and present them with some beautiful flowers. It is a sweet holiday that reminds children and husbands that the woman in their lives is important and worth celebrating.

But moms need more than one day a year. Most women are hard workers, either at home with children or in an outside job plus caring for children. Every paid job in the United States is required to provide one or two days off every week for its employees. The mothering job seldom has a true day off. The role of being a mom is literally 24/7.

Employers give their workers time off each week for two reasons; it is the law, and they know that people work better when given a time to refresh and relax a bit. Mothers require the same moments of refreshment to help them be better moms and happier people. How can we make this happen?

As a mother, you will need to be intentional about getting some quality “time off” a few times a month. It will not be easy, but once a system or pattern is set, you will wonder how you got along without it.

Some ideas to help Mom get some time off:

•    Look through the local Recreational Classes that your city or town may offer.

•    Choose a fun or challenging class to take each week or once a month.

•    Join a gym and schedule workouts into your week.

•    Start a book club with friends.

•    Find a walking partner and some time each week to explore your town.

•    Set up some weekly afternoons to send your kids to a friend’s house and trade off.

•    Schedule a once-a year girl’s getaway with some friends and go on a short trip together.

•    Have your husband agree to watch the kids once a week while you hang out in the tub for a nice long soak.

•    Better yet, schedule the long soak for every night!

•    Go out to a movie with friends on a regular basis. Even a short time away can be so refreshing!

•    Enroll your kids in after-school activities that do not require your presence.

You deserve a rest. Your family will have a calmer mother and your husband a happier wife when you are able to step away from the 24/7 duties and be the individual you were before being a wife and mom. You will appreciate and enjoy your family more when you have given yourself permission to have some time off. Everybody wins!

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