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New Baby Must-Haves! Pt 1

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Looking for something that is sure to be used by the new mom and baby or need a list of items you should include in your registry?  Here is a list of must-haves for mommy and baby to get you started!

Small babies don’t need a lot of clothes most of their time is spent indoors so think simple and comfortable.  Onesies are wonderful and little sleepers too.  Gowns make it easy to change diaper which can be a blessing for new parents.  Little stocking hats and socks will help keep the little one warm and comfortable.

Some of the items you will need for baby’s first bath are a bath tub.  There are many options, but one with an incline is helpful if you need to lay the baby back while you rinse them.  Toiletries like bath soap, oils and lotions will also be needed.  Washcloths and towels are another good investment and a big part of bath time.  Find ones that are made just for baby.  Adult towels and washcloths are too big for tiny fingers and

You might need some help carrying your baby.  If you are breast feeding a sling would be the perfect choice for the first one.  They are cloth and come in a variety of designs and fabrics and can really help free up your hands especially if you have other children in the home.  There are also front packs and back packs for older children as well.

A “Boppy” or another type of pillow made to assist with nursing would be a good gift to have for the mother that is planning to breast feed.  This pillow can be wrapped around mom and help hold the baby up while he or she feeds and later when they can lift their heads it helps with tummy time.  Be sure to get one with a cover so that you can throw it into the machine when it gets dirty.  Breast pumps are a necessity for new moms on the go or still in the work force.

Even if the new mom plans on breast feeding she will need some of the same items needed for bottle fed babies.  Obviously bottles and nipples and a way to clean them are must haves.  Cleaning items would include a bottle brush and or sterilizer.  If you know what type of formula the new mom plans on using you could also provide some of that for the baby.

Every baby will eventually need a way to sit up and be fed.  Most people get a high chair or chair that hooks around to fit on the end of a table.  These are nice for taking to other’s homes or restaurants because they are convenient and easy to transport.  Don’t forget bibs, and floor covers.  Plates, bowls and utensils are helpful as the baby gets older.  If you want to make your own food a mini food processor or food mill would also be good to have.

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