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Plan the Wedding Shower They Will Be Bragging About Later

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Friends Giving Gifts at Bridal Shower

When the loved ones in your life are about to tie the knot, everything in you wants to make this special time as wonderful & unique as they are. You can picture the perfect party to celebrate their love but may not know where to begin.

We have exactly what you need to make sure the newlyweds know how much they are loved and how happy you are to see them be married and live happily ever after!

‘A Wedding Time Capsule’ Gift Package will inspire everyone at the wedding shower to look at their own marriages & appreciate the years they are enjoying together. This would be a great centerpiece gift for a mixed shower where both the men & women are invited to come celebrate the new couple.

The 25-piece Gift Set includes many wonderful tools for creating a sentimental time capsule of the wedding day, to be opened again on a later anniversary. There is special stationary, including envelopes, for writing a message to the future, a check list of items to gather that will be significant to the present day, a profile book for the Bride & Groom to fill out & 160 full-color acid-free stickers. Also they will find a disposable camera to capture memories, a picture frame & a wonderful wedding cake candle!

Such a unique gift will be a huge hit at any pre-wedding gathering. You could even include the guests in the preparation of the time capsule! All the shower guests could bring current newspaper clippings or CD’s with current music to place in the time capsule. On the first, tenth or silver wedding anniversary the loving couple will be reminded of your care & thoughtfulness.

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