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Popular Meat and Cheese Christmas Gifts

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It is time to find a great gift for the food lovers on your Christmas list. There are hundreds of Christmas themed Gift Baskets full of fudge, cookies and more kinds of candy than you can count, but the men on your list are hearty eaters and a great selection of meats and cheeses that match would be more to their taste.

Doodlebuckets has an amazing and varied selection for you to choose from! They all come in attractive and useful baskets, boxes and some clever themed containers. The personality of each meat and cheese gift basket covers every need from the sausage lover to the picky gourmet. The prices also are varied so you can be sure to find exactly what will work for you and your pocketbook. The two meat and cheese gift baskets pictured here are in opposite price categories but both are a welcome and delightful gift!

Two of our wonderful collections are called ‘A Cut Above Board’ and on the other end of the price range is ‘The Connoisseur Gift Basket’. The first one include such yummies as Old Hickory Cheese Spread, Garlic Beef Sausage, Mesquite Beef Sausage and Heart Of Wisconsin Cajun Mustard and many more items full of taste and temptation. As a lasting gift, your friend or relative will also have a very nice cutting board and cleaver!

‘The Connoisseur Gift Basket’ is filled to overflowing with such delights as a Woodenware Apple Shaped Cheese Board and Cheese Knife with wooden handle, over ten different gourmet cheeses, crackers, beef, salmon and nuts. All of them in the top brands and flavors. This meat and cheese gift basket is sure to impress, it arrives in a wonderful oval Willow weave Basket!

The model numbers are:
‘A Cut Above Board’ – DB-GBDS-ML7114
‘The Connoisseur Gift Basket’ – DB-GA-CHXL-0708-49

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