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Practical Gifts Mom & Dad Can Share Together

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Having a new baby in the home is such a wonderful gift, but it can also be exhausting, especially for new parents.   Help lighten their load by offering practical gifts of time and service.  Below are some ideas to help you get started thinking of ways you can show them you love them.

Relaxing Restful Week-end Getaway!
Pitch in with several friends and offer the couple a trip out of town or to a local resort to relax and get some rest.  Take turns watching the baby while  they are away.

Treat them to Dinner at their Favorite Restaurant!
Pick up a gift card to their favorite restaurant and offer to babysit that night so they can get out for some special time together.

A book of “coupons” redeemable from you!
Create a coupon book with offers to give the new parents a gift that can’t be bought with money.   Coupons like:  “good for one night of free babysitting.”  Anything you can do to help the couple get through the first year.

A Night at the Movies!

Pick up some tickets from the local movie theatre or set up a theatre in your home complete with a rented DVD, popcorn and snacks, then invite them over while you go to their home to watch the baby

Meals for a Month!

Have a party and make a month’s worth of meals for the new parents.  Nothing is better than a homemade meal of comfort food, made with love, to soothe the tired and weary.

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The Gift of Gardening!
Surprise the new parents by showing up at their home with a “landscaping crew” of friends and family!  Bring tools and new plants, and don’t forget a new tree to plant in honor of the new little ones birth.

Wash and Glow!
Offer to wash, wax and detail their cars for the new little passenger!.  Having a nice clean car to drive will definitely help them feel more peaceful, and aglow with love.

Put on an Apron and get out the Duster!
Offer to help with some cleaning or de-cluttering.   When the new baby comes, there is always a lot less time to get things done around the home.  Having some merry maids would be a big blessing.

Having a new baby is a big blessing, but is also a big job.  Anything you can do to help them get through the first year will be a gift!  Be creative, or just ask the parents what you can do to help.  There is plenty of work to go around!

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