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Private School or Public school?

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SchoooolThe choices that young families face are innumerable regarding so many facets of their family life. One of the biggest decisions a mother and father will make is how their children will be educated. There are many choices available now that were not even options to the generations before us.

Three main options for childhood education are:

1.    Home School
2.    Private School
3.    Public School

Each of these methods of education requires a different amount of engagement and parental involvement. As a parent you will need to be brutally honest with yourself about your ability to give of your time and your money and your attention in these avenues of learning.

As everyone knows, public school is virtually free. The public school system is run by our government and set up to allow an education to everyone regardless of income. One aspect of this freedom is our personal lack of control about what is taught to our children and what methods are used.

Private schools are run by groups of people with a certain lifestyle or standard in mind. The parents are willing to pay for a more controlled method of teaching and carefully chosen subjects being taught. Private schools are often thought of as venues only for the wealthy, but most private schools have a generous system of scholarships available.

Home schooling takes the control up another level and should only be entered into with an extremely high confidence in your ability to give of your time and money generously. Home schooling is a family affair that requires serious commitment and enthusiasm.

While each of these options needs to be looked at from a monetary view, they also need to be considered with the individual personality of your child in mind. One of your kids may love the private school atmosphere while your next child may resist and chafe at the restraints. Home school may be perfect for your artistic and imaginative son but be boring and lonely for your social butterfly daughter.

Switching from one school style to another through the years is not a negative thing to do. It can be very rewarding and life enriching for a child to experience several different methods of education. Don’t be afraid to follow what works best for your family and for your children as individuals. They will thank you for it later.

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