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Baby Shower Gifts & Diaper Cakes

Baby Shower Gifts & Diaper Cakes

Host baby showers for the mom-to-be that she cannot ever forget! Check out these baby shower ideas from Doodlebuckets for every kind of baby shower party theme, from dainty to sophisticated.

We have delectable diaper cakes that are so cute and beautiful that it will be difficult for the new mom to dismantle and use the baby items inside because they are so spectacular.  Many different themes, from petite to gigantic, these cakes are wonderful to use as a centerpiece for the main or gift tables at a baby shower or to bring yourself as a gift to the expectant mother.

Our other baby shower ideas include a clothesline for baby clothes that is a precious and practical decoration for the baby shower.  Precious because it is so cute and decorates the baby shower so nicely but also practical because mom can take them home after the shower and dress her little bundle in them.

Whether you plan to host the baby shower at your home, or in a different venue, you’ll find our shower ideas to make the event perfect for the expectant mother and her friends.

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If you're in charge of throwing a baby shower, it's essential to stay well organized and to develop a planning checklist to keep everything perfect. When the date of the party arrives, the last thing you want to do is run around like a crazy woman and not participate in the festivities. First tip to a perfect shower is to draft a version of your baby shower checklist. Include all you need to accomplish, buy supplies, set up tables, decorations and food. Then, categorize all the to-dos and assign them to individual helpers if you can.

Ask close companions of the new mother for shower ideas. They may remember more about what the mom prefers, her favorite colors, and any activities that she'll enjoy engaging in at the event.
Remember the following items when planning a baby shower:
  • * Settle on a theme and then choose a Diaper Cake centerpiece and matching party favors for your guest and mom-to-be enjoyment.
  • * Decide on refreshment a few months ahead of time, and order through a local caterer for easy preparation and set-up.
  • * Hand out cutesy favors like a silver keepsake frame to all the invitee.  
  • * Stand up a gift table for all the guests to set their presents on.
  • * Present the mom-to-be with a notepad to take note of all her gifts so she can send  thank-you notes  to all the guests either through email or snail mail.
  • * Don't be hesitant to ask more experienced part throwers for their baby shower advice. It's a tough task to pull off and any help you can receive is worth it!
To create a memorable new baby shower part, consider giving cute items of baby clothing—socks, hats, onesies, shoes, and little items like bibs and rattles and secure them to a clothes line with clothespins. Doodlebuckets has great options for Diaper Cake centerpieces and guest party favors that will sure to delight.  

Listen as your guests marvel at about how quaint and dainty everything is and wait for the look on the mom-to-be’s face as she sees all of these gifts for her new born!