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Baby Whisperer Diaper Cake for Boy 1

Baby Whisperer Diaper Cake for Boy



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Product Description

This incredibly cute diaper cake may be on of the most practical and unique gifts you can send to the parents of the new baby. The star of the Baby Whisperer Diaper Cake is the “baby sack”. This baby sack swaddles baby in cushiony comfort and helps baby to sleep more soundly. Baby cannot kick it off and the swaddling helps diffuse baby’s startle-reflex. A must-have for helping a cranky, sleep-deprived baby get to sleep! Mom and Dad will thank for you for sending them this tool for baby-sleeping when they get that first full night of restful sleep.

This adorable baby gift includes:

  • 6 Baby Diapers
  • 100% cotton quilted baby sack.
  • 100% cotton sleep gown
  • Stylish knotted cap to match gown
  • 100% cotton receiving blanket
  • Soft moon plush toy

Additional Information

Gift Basket Specialities
Diaper Cake Specialities

Boy, Single-Layer


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