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Cupcake Delight – Girl 1

Cupcake Delight – Girl

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Product Description

These succulent blue Baby Shower Cupcakes are just so appealing! The cupcakes, which hold actual kitchen towels (made from high quality terry cloths) are folded nicely and ends in a swirl at the top where a cute baby decoration sits on happily. The whole filling is placed in a blue baby inscribed cupcake holder! If you are taking these Baby Shower Cupcakes to a baby shower, make sure you also bring some actual cupcakes! It sure will be a successful baby shower party! The cupcakes are also available in pink color if the baby shower is for a baby girl!

This Gift Includes:

  • Baby Shower Cupcakes, made from actual kitchen towels.  
  • Each of these adorable cupcakes start with a cleverly folded kitchen towel made from a quality terry fabric

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