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Rose Petal Deluxe 1

Rose Petal Deluxe – boy or girl

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Product Description

A basket of Precious Petals for the little flower! What could be more appropriate than that? This Moses’ carrier contains a list of all the essentials items needed to help this little bud blossom into a beautiful flower! The gift basket consists of a plush baby elephant, a security blanket, 3 baby onesies, 3 sets of adorable booties, 3 beanies, 3 washcloths, 2 receiving blankets, a Johnson’s baby shampoo and lotion for her delicate skin, a baby tooth keepsake holder, a baby first curl keepsake holder, a baby Footprints kit, a New Tree baby kit, an announcement plaque, baby Lullaby CD, a comb set, baby manicure set and baby Q-Tips. The set is also available in blue, pink and teal color.

This Gift Includes:

  • 33″ fabric lined washable mosses carrier made of reed material
  • 12″ plush baby elephant
  • Satin edge baby elephant security blanket
  • J & J Baby Shampoo
  • J & J Baby Lotions
  • 3 baby onesies
  • 3 sets baby booties
  • 3 baby beanies
  • 3 baby washcloths
  • 2 fleece baby receiving blankets
  • Baby tooth keepsake holder
  • Baby first curl keepsake holder
  • Baby Footprints kit
  • New Tree baby kit
  • Baby announcement plaque
  • Baby Lullaby Cd
  • Baby brush & comb set
  • Baby manicure set
  • Baby q-tips in an acrylic box
  • Gift measures 10″HX 30″W X 15″D  and weighs 11 pounds
  • Animal assortment will vary
  • Baby towels, blankets and clothing designs will vary and may not all be identical to the photo

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