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Retro Baby Shower Idea

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retro-shower-babyThe recent hit television show Mad Men has contributed to an amazing trend towards clothing, food and parties based on former lifestyles in earlier generations. Why not theme your next Baby Shower around the parties of the 70’s and 80’s?

Throw a Retro Baby Shower!

The invitations would not be difficult to design. A stork bringing a baby in a blanket is the most obvious way to go. Another popular graphic is an umbrella full of gifts.

Mom’s-to-be did not know the gender of the baby then so the colors were usually something neutral like yellow, green or a mixture of pastels. Since they did not know the gender and could not call the baby by name there were many other nicknames used…

•    Bun in the oven.
•    Little stranger.
•    Little bundle of joy.
•    Precious gift.
•    Stork delivery.

Why not use this list and any other euphemisms to describe the ‘bun in the oven” as a game?

Here are a few other games that were very popular in the Mad Men era…

•    Waist Measurement Guess. – Every baby shower guest cuts a length of ribbon or string that they believe will fit around the pregnant belly of the mother-to-be. Then the poor woman has to subject herself to being measured against every string to see which guest got it right.
•    Don’t Cross Your Legs – Each incoming guest is given a tiny clothespin or safety pin attached to their color as they enter the party. The object is to collect as many as they can from the other guests by catching them crossing their legs or saying the word “Cute”. The woman with the most pins wins.
•    Baby Food Guess – Jars of baby food without their labels are passed around and guests must write down what they think is in the jars.
•    The Most Classic Baby Shower Game of the times…Poopy Diaper Favor- There are probably easier ways to prepare for this game now, but back in the day; The hostess cut tiny triangles out of soft pink/blue flannel and then pinned them to look like a little diaper. These were then dipped in wax or paraffin to become hard little candy containers for the guests to take home. They were filled with pastel mints. But one diaper also had a single chocolate covered raisin or chocolate chip in it underneath the mints. The guest who found the “poopy” diaper received a prize!

The baby shower food included a cake that was usually shaped like a large bottle or baby carriage and they were always in pastel colors with no deviation into bright or dark colors. Cake, pastel punch and bowls of mints and peanuts were all that was served at the baby showers of that day.

The women all wore dresses and heels to a baby shower and arrived with soft colored gifts in hand. The gifts were opened amid many “oohs and ahs” and then passed around so every one could touch and handle the sweet blankets and toys.

Giving your best friend or sister a retro baby shower could make it a very special memory that will beautifully express your love and give your friends a really fun afternoon or evening!

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