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Romance Is In The Air!

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Attention Ladies….you may want to “accidentally” leave this page open on your laptop so your man can stumble upon it!…….

It isn’t Valentines Day, Mother’s Day or your Wedding Anniversary. What better time to surprise your sweetie! Both men and women struggle to bring romance back into their relationships, and sometimes a greeting card and dinner out is just not special enough.


How about a “Let Me Pamper You” weekend?

Hire a babysitter or call Grandma to watch the kids and let the love of your life know that the weekend will be all about them. What do they love to do? Walk through antique shops and yard sales? Go see the latest play or new movie? Cuddle at home in comfy clothes without little ones around? Spend a few days on the beach or in the mountains?

Having the weekend or special night all planned out ahead of time is a huge plus for most mates. Just the thought that you went to the trouble to set it up communicates how much they are loved.

For a little extra help moving the pampering along you may want to have one of our amazing Romance Baskets ready and waiting. They all include candles, candy and of course body massage butters and oils! One even includes a chocolate fondue kit!

Maybe the arrival of the gorgeous basket could be the first hint of the special weekend to come! Imagine the look of surprise and delight on your loved ones face as they receive this large and lovely package in the mail?

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