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Selecting a Great Baby Gift

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Showers of Love Baby Bathtime Gift

A few years after all the Wedding Showers in your group have slowed down, you will begin to find Baby Shower Invitations in your mailbox. Choosing your baby shower gift can be fun and creative.

First you need to consider the Mom-to-be and what her tastes are in other areas of her life. Is she modern and contemporary? Is her home crafty and country style? Is she talking about all the new baby gadgets or is she more traditional?

Of course the first question will be if she is having a daughter or a son. There are many ways to give a wonderful neutral gender gift if they do not know the sex of the baby. Look for colors other than the obvious blue or pink. Yellow, green and red are all safe colors to use that will not look wrong for either gender.

Often the Baby Shower Invitation itself will give you some good clues for the theme in the baby’s room. Most Parents-to-be today will register at local or online stores for the baby items they want. Online sites like this one are full of wonderful ideas that will please anyone.

A new Mom can never have too many bibs, diapers or blankets. These are the mainstays of every nursery. A basket of many small necessities is a welcome surprise also. You can wrap each item or just put a huge bow on the whole basket!

Personalized gifts make the best impression! If you know the name of the new little one, what mother would not squeal with delight when seeing that chosen name on some bibs or blankets? You can choose from hundreds of gift packages here that will beautifully emblazon the baby’s name on just about anything!

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