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baby rattlesEvery year hundreds of new products come out and attempt to assure us of our great need for them.  They wonder how we ever lived without them.  While some inventions are indeed worthy of these claims, other items in the world of parenthood have not changed one iota in a long time… and with good reason!  When it comes to something as simple as a baby rattle, all it really needs to do is make noise and keep a baby’s interest.  Here are some of our favorite new trends and some very familiar faces in a world that promises ring-a-ding-ding!

Plush Rattles
If you have more than one child, chances are good that they are as different as night and day.  Yet most infants are all fascinated with a few of the same toys.  Plush, animal shaped rattles may seem terribly simple, but it is truly amazing to see little boys attacking them with incessant gnawing or little girls snuggling into one and smiling when it shakes– even forgetting that it rattles when she moves!

When it comes to plush rattles it is hard to fine one better than Angel Dear Cashmere-soft polyester rattles.  ($6)  In fact, it is rather hard for us to believe that something so soft and luxe is so affordable.  And with 5 precious animals to choose from, you might just adopt them all.

Out With the Old?
In the incredible world of Little Alouette, everything old is new again. Little Alouette offers all natural wooden rattles that are as charming as they are simple.  American made from Ohio maple and finished with flax seed oil, most of their products safely function as both rattles and teethers.  Their organic shapes are far from babyish– they are rich in style.  Generously proportioned holes in the center are easily held by even the smallest of fingers.  And one feature that sets this company apart is their toy of the month club.  For only $55 you can receive one of their ingenious designs each month.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

In With the Kruse
When delicate feminine style and quality German craftsmanship are married they conceive beautiful toys by Kathe Kruse.  Her site is impossible to navigate unless you are fluent in German, but thankfully there is Urth Child!  At $10 -$20 each Kruse’s rattles may seem a little pricey, but a closer look at their thoughtful design reveals that each is more like two toys than one.  Diminutive fairies and jolly gnomes hug wooden rings for the ultimate rattle and soft friend all in one.  Also available are plush (non-wooden) rattles for younger infants.

Rich Frog
Rich Frog makes just 2 rattles, but both are sure to steal your heart.  ($13)  A sweet yellow duck and a silly green caterpillar are knit from certified fair trade organic cotton and layered between renewable rubber tree wood.  Environmentally speaking, we guess that makes both rattles green… get it?  Based out of Vermont, their website is easily navigated and attests to the care put into their fine products.  So if you find yourself looking for a simple gift, rattles are a time tested and practical route to take.  Hopefully we helped to steer you in the right direction!

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