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Working the baby store is a tough job. Gift sets can cost as much as a car payment and with gifts there is almost always a tiny sense of “hit and miss.” You have to browse the stores, compare prices across miles of turf, work around store hours, your work schedule, gas prices; the list goes on and on. So how can you take a little of the guess and leg work out of the deal? Two words: Online Shopping. The internet has no gas mileage and stores are as close as a new tab away. All it takes is a little know how and a bit of free time. Which, by the way, could be your lunch break or that night you can’t sleep, the internet is at your beck and call. Just keep in mind three basic rule when it comes to internet shopping.

1.    Search. Start your search at your favorite search engine. When choosing a gift you should know the in and outs of your choice. Gift basket or furniture piece, you need to get in mind what you are buying. Start with the basic product, what are you buying? Or even more basic, what gift should I buy? Sites like this one are an excellent place to start. Baby articles are great inspiration and on this site in particular, recommendations and products are in one place. If we don’t have what you are searching for, try trusted searches like Google or Bing to get you started.

2.    Review. When you find your product look for the reviews, not only for it but from the store you are buying from. This is a key step. Buying on the good word of the virtual shopkeeper is a bad idea. They main goal of the virtual store is for you to buy, buy, buy. Choose stores that are trustworthy, big names are a great idea. Small boutiques are still a great option, but you will need to learn to gauge their reliability from their website. Look for sleek clean cut sites if they are not big names and stamps of approval from secure severs. You will learn to define these from the untrustworthy one by sight over time. It isn’t as difficult as it seems. If, however, you don’t trust yourself, try sites like Amazon. They’ll wade the river for you for the best prices and it will offer reviews for you to sift through as well as offering additional selections based on your interests.

3.    Weigh the Price. Sites like Amazon, which we just mentioned, do offer comparison of prices. However, these can be a little stilted. It takes an internet fish to spot the hole in the net, but they are there folks. Once you find your target try running it through Google Shopping. This gives a few more options sometimes, and if nothing else, gives you a feel for the common price. It also give you a peek into one of the most underused gift shops on the web: Ebay. This little step sister to Amazon is often overlooked due to her “used” qualities, but she has brand new things to offer. Literally, there are personally owned stores on Ebay that sell brand new gift sets from home. It’s a great place to snag a deal.

Keep these in mind when you head out shopping on the web, you’ll cut your legwork in half; shipping costs are nothing compared to the miles and gas of your car. Not to mention the horrors a day of shopping will do to your feet. The internet will never leave your feet aching and your gas tank empty.

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