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Should I Breastfeed My New Baby?

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Garo/Phanie / Rex Features (821153e) Model released - Mother breast feeding her 5 months old baby. Various

“While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby.”  ~Amy Spangler

Breastfeeding is a beautiful natural way to love and nurture your new baby.  There are many reasons why the experts agree that this is the best option as long as you and the baby are physically able to.  You won’t regret it!

The closeness you will feel as your hold your baby and he drinks from your breast is something that money cannot buy.  Skin to skin contact will instill security in your baby and give him the nurturing that he needs to grow into a healthy child.

Taking time away with your baby will force you to be still.  There are also chemicals in your milk that are like a natural tranquilizer.  These chemicals cause you to relax and the baby to be able to get to sleep.  Even if you have to return to work, pumping will have the same effect and will help rejuvenate you if you are having a stressful day.

Healthy for Baby.
Mother’s milk is nutritionally the healthiest option for a baby and it offers some added benefits too.  Your milk can transfer antibodies to the baby that will help keep them well, even when they become children.   There have been studies that prove that the milk formulation will actually change to meet the needs of the baby through the interaction of the baby’s saliva with the nipple.  Infants are also able to get pass meconium easier too.

Healthy for Mother.
Nursing right away will help the mother’s uterus contract and to get back closer to its pre-baby shape and condition.  It helps release endorphins that bring peace to help mommy rest too.  Getting fit after having a baby is easier too when you are nursing because your body will burn 500 more calories a day!  Studies have shown that women that breastfeed as opposed to those that don’t have less of a chance of getting breast cancer or take as many sick days.

There are no bottles to clean, refrigerate or warm.  No need to by expensive formulas and mix them.  Breast milk is always available, free, and just the right temperature!  That can be very convenient in the middle of the night, ensuring you get the most sleep you can!   Sometimes you do have to get away and nurse in a private location, but there are clothes now made specifically for nursing mothers that make it more discreet and convenient.  Having a blanket to place over your shoulder is also a good way to nurse privately, even in a social situation.

Milk from your breast is going to be the safest option for your baby.  With recent salmonella scares in the news, being sure that you are giving your baby something “homemade” is best.  Anytime you buy something you have to trust the manufacturers that they are giving you what they say they are.  Just remember, breast milk has never been recalled!

The reasons to breastfeed are endless, but most of all it is the way God created it to be, so it must be the best decision for your baby, for you and for your family!  Happy Nursing!

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