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Snapping the Perfect Pictures of the New Baby

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Babies are the perfect subjects for a photography session!  They are so beautiful and fresh from God, it is hard to take a bad picture of them.  Before you start, think about what you want your pictures to look like and with some planning and a few simple steps, you can take pictures that look professional and will be a blessing for years to come!

First, set the stage?
Look around your home for the best place to set up the shot.  You can use the nursery or any room in your home that is special to you.   Try to find a place with simple lighting and an uncluttered background.  Choose a place that is nice and warm because babies will change color in a too cool environment.  It is very important for them to stay comfortable during a photo shoot.

Something to hold the baby?
The baby can be placed in his mother’s arms with the father behind them both.  Or you can have the mother and father hold the baby together, one at the feet and the other cradling the head, making sure to include their arms.  Photos of brother and sister holding the baby too are just precious.  If you want to take a shot of just the baby, you can place them on their tummy on a table or their back on a bean bag chair.

The right background?
If you use a table or bean bag to hold the baby, don’t forget to cover either surface with a satin, velvet or furry blanket to add interest and give texture to the photo.  If you decide to take the pictures in a room with a background showing, just make sure that the room is clean and in order with not too much distracting from the baby.

Most Suitable Lighting?
You can use a flash, just be sure not to get too close to the baby as to cause them discomfort–that might cause the photo shoot to come to an unexpected early end.  Or you can use a window with diffused light to get an artistic looking shot, and add a softness to your picture!  White sheer clothes look especially beautiful in this type of lighting.

What should they wear?
Babies are so beautiful with nothing on, so don’t be afraid to take shots of them in their birthday suits.  You can use rose petals or drape the satin sheets over them for more modest shots.  They are this tiny for such a small time!  Just remember to keep the room extra warm for them!  You can also dress them in heirloom or baptism clothes for very special shots.  Don’t be afraid to change their outfits so you can get a different look.  You can even take photos of the babies in clothes that were special gifts and send them with thank you notes.

Including others?
If you want to include other family members in the photos, have everyone wear the same color and take photos with each of them separately and in different groupings.  You can put them together later and make a collage for other family members.  Keep an area of your home set up for when others come by to see the baby so you can take a shot of them in the same “setting.”

Take some time to plan and look for some photos of babies that you like.  Try to recreate them yourself.  But, if you are not confident or not, or you don’t have the right equipment, you can always hire a photographer to come to your home and help you capture this precious moment in time!

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