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So, Is it going to be a Boy or a Girl?

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girl-or-boyBefore we had ultrasounds, the parents and everyone else had to wait until the birth to know whether to buy pink or blue for the new baby.  But even though we can find out ahead of time now, you can still keep some excitement in sharing the news. Below are some creative and fun ways to announce your baby’s gender to friends and family near and far!

Sweet Reveal!
Invite your friends and family over for a sweet reveal!  Recently the Dugger’s son and his wife found out the sex of their baby on national TV.  While we probably will never be able to do that, the way they did it could be something anyone could do.  They had the ultrasound technician send the results privately to a local bakery, and they made a cake with a center in a color to represent the new baby. When it was cut into, everyone knew at the same time, even the parents.  It is a sweet and fun way to find out together and celebrate at the same time.  You could also have chocolates or cupcakes made so that just the inside gave it away, that way each person could find out when as they bit into their treat!

Tweet it!
Nowadays it is not uncommon to find out news on the information highway.  With all the social networks around, you can Face book or Tweet your news.  Recently a friend of mine announced her pregnancy via her status on Face book saying, “Feeling so nauseous, why does this have to go with that?”  We knew right away, but in a creative way that they were expecting again.  You could do the same with the gender, by writing a cute poem about girls or little boys…or posting a picture that would give it away.

Decorate it!
You can decorate outside your home with balloons or bows.  Or add some to your décor at work to let people know ahead of time.  Make it subtle or very obvious, whatever suits your style more.  You could also decorate inside your home and invite everyone over for a surprise reveal party!

Say it with Flowers!
Nothing says it like flowers.   If you want the Grandparent’s to know ahead of time, why not send them a bouquet to let them know!?  Maybe have a bouquet of all white flowers with one pink or blue flower hidden in it.  Or include a little bear in the appropriate color.

Ultrasound Around!
You could scan the ultrasound image and send it via email or in the snail mail.  Or include it in the shower invitation so that your guests will know the appropriate gifts to purchase for the new little bundle of joy.

Gifts that “give it away!”
Cigars are not the only option today, since there are so many gifts available to have personalized.  You can get m&m’s in the color of your choice, have chocolates special made, get lollipops or cookies made that reveal your baby’s gender.  Don’t forget to look at promo sites for different ideas.  They have everything from pens to bracelets that you can add your own message to.

Wear it!
If you have children you can dress them in the color that fits the new little brother or sister, or you and your mate could dress alike for the next get together.  If you want to go all out, you could even have matching shirts made to get the word out to anyone that will see you!

Just remember to be creative and find something that fits your personality.  Have fun and enjoy this special time of your baby’s new life.

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