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Soothing a New Baby to Sleep

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A new baby in the house usually means you won’t get enough sleep, at least for a couple of months.  But having some tried and true ideas might help you get through those months with a little more nighty night for you and the baby!

Take turns with the baby.  
Let the father spend time attending to the baby so they can get used to each other and  mom won’t find herself getting burnt out having to handle all the nighttime feedings on her own.  If you are breast feeding, be sure to pump ahead of time so the father will have something for the baby.

Help the baby get to sleep.
Sound and motion help.  Rock them or take him for a ride in the car.  Some babies love baby swings and can go right to sleep in one of them.
Others like to sit in a baby holder on a dryer or washing machine where they can feel the gentle vibrations of the machine.

Help them relax.
Give them a warm bath to help them relax or get them in the routine of bathing before sleep.  Sing the baby to sleep while they lay under your chin so they can feel the vibration of your voice

Get the room ready.
Make sure the baby’s bedroom is dark by investing in some shades for the nursery.  Keep the room around 70o  so it won’t be too cold or warm. Some people say that the scent of lavender can help soothe an infant so having some natural scent oil in the room might be of help.

Keep noise to a minimum.  
Use a sound machine or air purifier to help drown out any other noises in the house or play some soft music.  There are several CD’s available that were made specifically for babies that need help sleeping.

Keep the baby comfortable.
Before you put the baby down, always make sure their diaper is clean and they have been recently fed.  If they wake up usually it is because they need a change or are hungry.

Help your child be at peace.
Having a peaceful day will help insure that your baby will have a goodnight too.   Don’t over stimulate them before bedtime.  If your baby is afraid to be separated from you, you can place an article of your clothing with them in the crib.

Monitor naps.
Try as much as possible to get the baby to sleep at the same time for night and for naps.  Don’t let the baby sleep too long in the day to ensure they will sleep enough at night.

Create routines.
Having a bedtime routine for your child helps them prepare for bed especially if you are able to keep these associations in place consistently.
Massaging and rubbing or bathing and rocking are great activities to prepare a new baby for sleep.

Remember to be flexible.  Learning what works best for your baby takes time.  Realize the best thing to do is think ahead and try to instill a security in bedtime so your child will have a healthy attitude about sleep that will last the rest of their life!

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