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Grand_Welcome_Baby_Boy_Gift_BasketBatter up! Your little one may have just been born, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an all star in the making. Treat your tiny man to the best in the world of sports, baby style. While little Babe Ruth doesn’t know the difference between a baseball and a football, his loyal Yankee  fan father will appreciate the thought and look forward to the hours of catch in the backyard.

Our It’s a Boy! Baby Essentials Keepsake Box is the most team friendly gift set we carry. This gift comes with all the goodness of sports, without naming any teams, just in case you aren’t sure which flag is pinned up in the family room. This all-sports gift basket comes with a spunky plush puppy, assorted bath items, blue boy acronym and light blue all American Boy appliquéd onesies, blue baby bottle. Sports themed photo frame, and more! This is the perfect starter gift for the tiny athlete, whether he will be shooting hoops or knocking them out of the park.

If you are sure of your loved ones’ loyalty to the Yankees, look no further for the perfect gift. Our Yankee fan in training baseball diaper cake is the complete package with everything you’ll need to get your little slugger started in the outfield. This diaper cakes includes, a large collection of size one and two diapers, Yankee baseball glove with display, Yankee themed onsies (and other baby clothes), dinner ware set, pacifier and clip, an so much more. This gift comes with not only everything to introduce your batter to the game, but all the essentials for your winner to grow up big and strong.

Our sports gifts can be tailored to a specific team or sports in general, depending on your family. We guarantee all chemical free and safe products with no dangerous choking hazardous pieces. Pick the best gift for your loved one and watch as you make a homerun at the baby shower!

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