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Summer Time Baby Gifts!

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summer babyWe often imagine all new babies bundled up in cozy thick blankets & fuzzy booties, but not all babies are born in the cold months. A Summer baby is fun to plan for when organizing a warm weather Baby Shower. If you are able to set the party up outside then your sunshine will be your main decoration!

Use the season as your theme by providing these cute tin buckets filled with candies for your guest’s favors. They come in sets of 12 and there are a variety of colors to choose from! You may want to extend the fun into a beach theme by bringing in some pretty white sand for the table centerpieces!

Of course the games must include some water play right? A water balloon toss would be a great surprise for veteran baby shower attendees who are only expecting to be careful not to cross their legs for an hour!

Great Summer baby gifts are adorable and safe sunhats or sunbonnets to keep the sun off Baby’s face. There are even some baby clothing designed with sun-proof material that will not allow sunrays to burn tender new skin.

A great summertime baby gift would include sunscreen along with some water toys and baby beach umbrella. Sunscreen comes in so many varieties, but you will want to be sure you buy a brand that is specifically designed for a newborns skin. There are some colorful sunscreens now that toddlers may find fun and silly to wear on their noses.

For the really hot areas, a baby pool is a refreshing baby gift. Include a bath support chair that the new Mom would only use in the pool so she doesn’t need to transfer it from tub to backyard and be concerned about outside germs. Of course the very best swim support for the newborn is Mommy herself so you may want to give her a backyard pool with room for two!

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