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Teddy Bear Baby Gifts

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Teddy_time_basket2The soft hug of a furry friend is something always remembered with fondness. For generations the Teddy Bear has served as the image of kindness, friendliness, and childhood. Gift your newborn, or the newborn in your life with their very first fluffy friend who will go on wild adventures, brave the stormiest bath sea, and still cuddle up to their cheek each night.

Your little boy will need a partner in his escapades. Whether he’s looking for a body guard or a look out, our Construction Zone Baby Boy Gift Basket has the perfect partner in crime for all stages of life. This basket includes a change of clothes for the heist, a blanket for the stakeout, buttermilk soap to wash up with, a book for the cell, and of course a loyal partner. All of our products are guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals for the safety of your aspiring little man.

Perhaps the parents are waiting to be surprised by their bundle of joy. No need to worry, we offer neutral baby gifts for the waiting couple, like our Teddy Bear Necessities Baby Gift Basket. This special gift includes all of the essentials for new parents, including their child’s first ever playmate.  This practical gift is a sure winner at the baby shower.

We all love the soft velvety hug of a teddy bear. We guarantee you that each of our furry friends is made with the highest quality fabric to protect your little one’s skin. Give them their very first teddy bear and set them up for beautiful childhood memories.

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