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The Gift of Blessing Your Children

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blessingIf you are a parent of faith, you have a very special and unique gift for your children that no one else can offer. We already know that taking our kids to church is an important and natural part of life in a family of faith. And of course you will also find yourself guiding them to be loving and kind to their classmates and siblings. You will probably lead your kids in nighttime prayers and encourage them to give God thanks for their meals.

But there is another fun and intentional tool you can use to nurture their faith.
As the mother and father in a family you hold an assigned authority over your kids that adds an unexplainable power to the words you speak. Your spoken words to and over your children are powerful and lasting.

The unique and special gift you can give your children is to speak blessings over them. The words “to bless” are defined in this way…

•    To invoke favor upon
•    To confer well-being or prosperity on
•    To wish happiness, consecrate
•    To grant or bestow
•    To give praise, exaltation or applause

Biblically, to give someone a blessing or to speak a blessing over someone is much more than just wishing them good things. It is actually prophesying that good things will happen in their lives.

Some families make the parental blessing an important birthday tradition. As a parent you can pray about your child and ask God what He sees in her and what special qualities he designed in her. Write down what you ”hear” about your child and then pray it over them on their birthday or on New Years Day.

It is a beautiful way to build confidence into your child. They will begin to see and believe their value as an individual.

You can also write a special nighttime blessing just for them that you repeat each night. Kids love repetition and it will become a sweet ritual and part of the bedtime routine.

For example:
“Good night Katie. You are my strong and courageous girl. I am so thankful for your kindness and gentleness to others. You are going to be an amazing woman who creates beauty wherever you go! Daddy and I are so proud of you!”
What talents do you see in your son or daughter? Are they artistic, athletic or brilliant? Nurture the good in your child through spoken blessings. It is a powerful tool for every parent!

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