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The Six Fashion No’s of Motherhood

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Motherhood brings a lot of changes to your routine, thought pattern, your entire life, but one area that is constantly overlooked is how it affects your styling choices. Newborns and young infants alike are grabbers, pullers, and spitters. Anyone of these traits can lead to embarrassing disaster or scalp aching pain, but with a few key fashion no’s you can keep your style and your sanity.


1.    Don’t Wear Your Hair Down. Your tresses will become tantalizing pulley levers for newborns and can prove potentially dangerous if the strands of hair wrap around the base of the babies’ fingers, cutting off circulation. Keep a hair tie on your wrist so you can easily pull back your hair when holding your baby and always check their hands for lose strands of hair.

2.    Refrain From V Necks. Babies are grabbers and there is nothing quite as embarrassing as flashing a house guest when junior tugs at your blouse. Wear necklines that can resist pulling, or utilize a camisole so that if there is a slip up, you are still covered.

3.    Skip The Heavy Jewelry. Again, babies will grab anything. Having your ear ripped by a newborn who is fascinated with your hoop earrings is painful. Chose stud earrings, if any, and necklaces with a single chain that your child won’t get his or her fingers tangled in.

4.    Forget the High Shoes. High heels are enough of a problem without a squirming kicking baby. Three flights of stairs will become Mount Everest faster than you blink. When going out, wear comfortable flats, or low heels, leave the stilettos in the closet.

5.    Always Bring A Spare. Babies spit up; it’s just a fact. Always bring an extra shirt for you in your diaper bag, and refrain from wearing your very expensive Juicy Couture sun dress if you know you’ll be holding your baby all day.

6.    Don’t forget to Co-Ordinate. The little pink onesie with the blue flowers may be adorable, but it will not match your orange blouse. Take time to make sure foe events that you and your baby match as they ride your hip. Color clashing is never fun for anyone.

Armed with these few fashion don’ts you can avoid embarrassment and pain for yourself. Don’t be afraid to dress up for yourself once in awhile, but always keep your little bundle of joy in mind. Otherwise you can kiss your sanity and the little black dress, goodbye.

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