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The Wonderful Onsie!

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baby onsieThe dictionary has no idea what a onsie is. But we can guarantee that all mothers and mothers-to-be know exactly what this wonderful item is. This one-piece garment for an infant or toddler is worn over a diaper & makes dressing a baby so much easier!

A onsie can be a very cool and comfortable outfit worn alone over a diaper in summer months. In the colder winter months a comfy onsie works perfectly under long pants, dresses or jumpers.  They come in short sleeve styles as well as nice and warm long sleeve styles.  When worn under pants or a jumper it eliminates the frustrating problem of keeping the upper shirt tucked in on a wiggly and constantly squirming baby. They undo easily for diaper changes with snaps in the crotch.

A colorful collection of onsies would make a very welcomed baby gift at your next baby shower. In fact onsies can also be used as a theme for a baby shower you may be hosting!

The fun of organizing a Onsie Baby Shower can be as detailed or  as simple as you care to go. One creative and interactive plan would be to send out onsie shaped Baby Shower invitations and include some simple instructions. Ask your guests to decorate one or two solid color onsies in any way they want. They could paint on a onsie with baby safe paint using words that describe the character of the coming newborn. Or spreading tiny hand prints all over a onsie would be adorable! Inspiring Bible verses could be printed on the t-shirts or a favorite poetic quote. If you know the newborn’s name, of course that would be perfect on a onsie.

As the guests arrive you may want to hang the decorated onsies up on a colorful clothes line stretched across the party room. Or just have your own decorated onsies hung up to welcome the mom-to-be and her guests.

A baby shower cake shaped like a onsie would be really cute in the middle of a table set with flowers and possibly onsie-shaped cookies!

A Onsie Baby Shower would have to include some crazy games that match the theme.

  • How about dressing a doll or teddy bear in a onsie while blindfolded? To make it harder and funnier the hostess could secretly exchange the doll for a multi-legged octopus or spider stuffed toy!
  • Another challenging game would be to guess the number of marshmallows that are stuffed in a onsie that you hold up but do not let the guests handle. Or challenge them to see who can stuff a onsie with the most marshmallows!

A very special parting gift for Mom-To-Be would be a brightly colored onesie that has been signed by all her good friends who attended her Baby Shower!

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