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Thoughtful Gifts For The New Mom

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8411205If you are a mother-in-law or mom to a brand new mom, you may be searching for an especially thoughtful and unique gift for her. She has opened countless adorable baby gifts at her baby showers. But you want to find something just right. Something that is more for her than for the new baby.

A new mom will never say that she would rather open a pretty item for herself than another cute onesie for her newborn, but you are in the great position to bless her with a reminder of the woman she is and that she deserves some special treatment at this time!

We took an informal poll of a small group of new mothers and asked about their most favorite “Mommy Gift” while they were pregnant or in the first month of living with a newborn. Here are a few of the interesting and super thoughtful gifts they received and loved.

•    Strappy new dresses that made breastfeeding easy and with the added benefit of making the new mom feel pretty again.

•    Baby-sit the older siblings for the first two weeks in the mornings so new parents can rest a bit.

•    Provide or organize friends to cook meals for the family for a few weeks.

•    Clean the house thoroughly while mom is in the hospital, especially if baby was early and unexpected. One mom said that this made it more relaxing to greet guests that came to the house the first week after the baby was born.

•    Set up appointments for a haircut, pedicure, manicure or massage!

•    Jewelry or charms that celebrate or specifically represent each new child.

•    Audio books! This was an unusual gift that one mother said really helped during pre-labor walking and later while cleaning or exercising. She mentioned that it also helped with the new mother related loneliness that may happen without much adult conversation for days.

New mothers are going through an identity change that can be painful and a bit confusing at times. Gifts that remind them of their value, beauty and worth will be remembered and treasured long after the kids are grown.

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