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Safety for kid

When you have a child in your family between the ages of 15 months and 4 years old you must keep a constant awareness of their safety. Toddlers have very little fear and that can lead them right straight into dangerous situations. Young boys and girls in this age category do not see cause and effect that we as adults are able to see. Toddlers see their ball roll into the street and they do not imagine a car coming and even if they see the car, they may not understand that it can hurt them.

This puts the total responsibility for a small child’s safety in our hands. But we cannot see every possibility, not are we able to see around corners or into rooms on the other end of the house.

That is where safety products come in. They are designed to stop the danger before it happens. These clever devices will turn your home into a baby safe environment and most of them require very little effort to install or add on to your furniture or home.

•    Door Stoppers – This is simply a “C” shaped foam device that slips easily onto your doors to keep them from closing all the way. It will prevent pinched fingers or the chance that your toddler will accidentally lock himself in a room.

•    Fridge Guard – This safely locks your refrigerator so that your child cannot open it himself.

•    Corner Cushions – These little cushions soften the sharp corners of coffee tables, countertops and any other low level edges that may cause bumps and bruises on your little one. They stick on easily and can be removed later.

•    Baby View Mirror – While driving it is helpful to be able to see your baby in the car seat behind you in the back seat. This mirror attaches to your rearview mirror and then you and your baby can see one another’s faces as you drive. This would also help you sooth a fussy baby as well.

•    Toilet Lid Clamp – Toddlers love water and will be drawn to it no matter where it is. Covering the toilet seat with this extra lock will protect your child from a serious accident and a messy floor even if she only uses it to splash a bit.

•    Door Alarm – If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it is expected that you will also have a goof fence installed around it. But even a fence does not guarantee your child’s safety, so an alarm that will notify you whenever the back door is opened could save lives.

There are many more items that can add to your peace of mind while in your home with a toddler. Children are quicker than we may expect and it is far better to be overly cautious than to regret being more careful later.

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