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Top Baby Names for 2012

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Choosing a name for your baby is one of the first big questions you will face after learning that you are pregnant. For some, the question is already answered because you want to pass on a family name, have a Junior or “John II”. It is also not uncommon for both men and women to have a favorite name in mind long before the baby is expected and even before marriage or a special relationship is established.

That still leaves a large part of the population who will be enjoying the search and research for their new arrival’s name before the big day. Bookstores have shelves full to overflowing with baby name books to scan through. What jumps out at you? What name makes you smile and what name makes you grimace?

For the first time since 1948, the name ‘Michael’ dropped out of the top five favorite baby names in 2011, according to the Social Security Administration. Many baby name trends are influenced strongly by television shows and sports stars. Biblical names are always popular, more so in some years than others. The popularity of certain girl’s names understandably changes more often than the list for boy’s names.

The most popular baby names reported for 2012 so far, according to the Social Security Administration are the following:


1.    Jacob
2.    Mason
3.    William
4.    Jayden
5.    Noah
6.    Michael
7.    Ethan
8.    Alexander
9.    Aiden
10.    Daniel


1.    Sophia
2.    Isabella
3.    Emma
4.    Olivia
5.    Ava
6.    Emily
7.    Abigail
8.    Madison
9.    Mia
10.    Chloe

Here are few other places to find the perfect name for your new baby:

•    Go through your old school yearbooks.
•    Walk around an old cemetery.
•    Scroll down the Friend Lists on your friends Facebook pages.
•    Browse baby name sites online.
•    Ask your parents about old family names from earlier generations.
•    Experiment with inventing a brand new name, but keep it simple and not too strange.
•    Look through the pages of your favorite novels.
•    Even the dictionary can inspire a new name that means something important to you.
•    Look up your favorite traits in other languages and see if they will make a good name. Be sure to have this idea checked out with a native speaker though.

As you skim lists of names, keep in mind the way it will sound with your last name and a middle name. You and your child will have to live with your choice forever. Consider the cruel nicknames that can be created out of your favorite name. Growing up hating one’s own name is a heavy burden to place on a child.

A name can be a promise or a curse, choose carefully and with much thought. Television personalities come and go, sports stars fall and become known for negative activities or failure. Give your child the best name for them and enjoy watching them grow and become their own unique person.

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