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Top Ten Safety Products for Your Baby

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safety for baby1.    A crib mattress that fits tightly
The mattress should fit snuggly against the crib.  If you can place 2 of your fingers between the mattress and the crib, the mattress should be replaced.

2.    Breathable crib bumpers
You can purchase breathable crib bumpers from any local baby store.  Regular bumpers, soft bedding, pillows or stuffed animals might cause suffocation when your baby is sleeping.

3.    Bath seat or ring for the tub
Although a bath seat is not a safely device, it does come in handy and is a help to keep baby from toppling over into the water.  Never leave the baby unattended.

4.    Baby Gates
Gates are perfect to use at the top and bottom of all staircases in the home.  Make sure you install them correctly.  Avoid using gates with openings that a child could possibly fit their heads through like accordion style ones.

5.    Outlet and cord covers
Cover all unused electrical outlets to protect small fingers and keep toys out of the sockets.   Electric cords and wires can be covered so they babies will not be able to reach, pull, fall over, or chew on them.

6.    Cord holder
Make sure that window blind cords are out of reach of small children by installing a cord winder to the side of the window.   Keep cords up and off the floor by winding them up after each use.

7.    Safety latches
Install safety latches on reachable cupboards and remove all harmful chemicals so you can move them out of the reach of babies.

8.    Storage bins
Purchase storage bins for brother or sisters toys with small pieces.  You can test small toys with a toilet paper tube if it fits inside the tube, then it goes into the bins.

9.    Install drawer latches and furniture anchors
Install latches so babies or children cannot open them or climb into them.  Anchor large pieces of furniture, appliances and shelves to studs in the wall to keep them from tipping over on your child.

10.    Soft bumpers for sharp edges and corners
Cover sharp corners of furniture like coffee or end tables with soft bumpers.  Crawl around on the floor and look for any edge that might cause an injury like a fireplace or low shelf.

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