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Top Ten Most Wanted Baby Gifts

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The Baby Shower Invitation keeps popping up on your laptop and you still have not chosen a gift to take! Thankfully, most mommies-to-be include a gift registry so you can be sure to buy a gift that they truly desire. The other super simple option is the store gift card.

But sometimes the gift card can leave you feeling unsatisfied in expressing your joy and friendship adequately. There is just something magical and festive about arriving at the door of the party with a great baby gift that will elicit fun sighs and coos of delight from your friends.

The recent list of Top Ten Wanted baby Gifts includes some pretty pricey items. It might be a good idea to combine resources with one or two other friends if you plan to purchase one of the Top Ten. They include:

1.    Car Seat
2.    Cradle Swing
3.    Glider Rocker
4.    Changing Table
5.    Travel Crib
6.    Baby Gym/Activity Center
7.    Baby Bouncer
8.    Electric Breast Pump
9.    Crib Bedding sets
10.  Crib/Toddler Bed Combo

Here at Doodlebuckets you will find a huge selection of adorable and practical Gift Baskets that may not be included in the Top Ten List, but that is only because the new mother-to-be has not imagined such a fun collection! Any one of these creatively assembled gift baskets will make a show stopping presentation at your next Baby Shower!

Many of the young new mommies have never seen the traditional and whimsical Diaper Cakes for which Doodlebuckets is so well known! Choose your colors and themes and we will take it from there, it is that easy. For an even more personal and loving gift you may want to add the child’s name to your order and it will be embroidered on the items exactly as you specify.

With so much to choose from, you will not longer be panicked when that Baby

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