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All new parents want and need hundreds of baby items that they never even knew they needed before. Their friends and family gather around and provide many of the necessities through baby showers and personal gifts.

But the parents of TWINS are in the unique situation of requiring twice as much as their similar friends.

It is easy to imagine the new Mom and Dad feeling slightly overwhelmed if not completely out of their element at times! The thought of providing the newborns with diapers, food and clothing, let alone toys and fun items must keep them awake many nights as they anticipate the happy arrival.

We have many wonderful Twins Gift Baskets that would be a wonderful surprise to the parents of twins. Model WTWIN is a fun basket that includes two handprint kits, a special twins photo frame, wash clothes and bibs for two. Also tucked inside this generous basket they will find two teddy bears a key rattle toy and a Twin Brag Book! You can choose if it is for two boys, two girls or one of each.

You also would gain some huge “Friend points” if you tucked a little coupon inside that offered the parents some free babysitting and date nights away from the house.

This is only one of the several Twin Gift Baskets at Doodlebuckets. Come check them out and you will be wishing you had twins yourself!

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