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Unusual Baby Gift Ideas

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Pots of Love - GirlAre you searching high and low for an unusual, out of the box baby gift for the baby shower? You are probably tired of the old stand bys of tiny baby clothes or giant crib presentations.

Of course every new mama needs the stand bys and expected gifts of bibs, diapers and cute baby toys, but it is fun to shake things up a bit and express your joy over the new arrival with a gift that will surprise and impress your loved one. What to do?

How about a darling bouquet of totally organic baby clothes? Sounds crazy I know, but the picture you see here is just that. Included in this fun bundle of softness are an Organic Bib, Tee Shirt, Hat, Socks and a Onsie! All designed to create a truly one of a kind gift. It looks exactly like a huge, soft bouquet of flowers!

Other ideas for Unusual Baby Gifts:

•    As soon as you hear of the coming baby, begin to video and record a collection of well wishes and welcome messages to the baby from the friends and family of the new parents-to-be.
•    Take a series of photos of the baby-belly on the expectant mommy and frame them together in a fun way to present to her at the baby shower! There are many places online now that will print your photos and bind them in a hard cover book!
•    Gather old pictures of the dad-to-be and the mommy-to-be when they were babies and during their childhood years. These could be displayed creatively along with spaces for pictures of the new arrival.
•    Create a book of messages written to the new baby as a Welcome To The World gift!
•    As a surprise to the mom-to-be, create a video of the father-to-be welcoming his new little one or he could be narrating a tour of the baby’s new home and neighborhood!

Whatever you do will please the new little family. But it is extra fun to truly surprise and bless them. Go all out for your next baby shower gift! Why not?

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