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What is a Baby Sling, and should I get one?

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baby-slingSlings are best for newborns and small toddlers.  Slings are made from different types of fabrics and styles, although it basically goes over your shoulder and holds baby across your chest.  Slings offer many benefits not just for the baby, but for mom too!

Warmth.  Using a sling is most like a baby being held by his/her mother.  It keeps newborns warm and close to mom’s heart!

Protection.   Having the baby close by, and not near the ground in a stroller, give you more control to protect your baby from strangers and the environment.   This is helpful since it is best to protect your smaller babies from germs.

Freedom.  It gives you your arms back so you can get your chores done around the home, shop, or do anything that requires both arms.  Having a chance to rest the muscles in your arms is a blessing too when you first start holding your baby.  If you have other children, it helps free up your arms so you can attend to them as well!

Privacy.  Slings can offer you privacy for breastfeeding in public.  Because they hold the baby in just the right place for feeding, it makes it convenient to just lay a blanket over your shoulder while you feed.

Restful.   Carrying your baby in a sling will help protect them even while they sleep. Some offer a piece of extra fabric attached to the sling that you can use to cover the baby as he/she rests.

Easy access .  Because the sling is made of fabric, it is flexible and therefore very easy to get the baby in and out.  If the baby is asleep, you can get him or her out without waking them which is wonderful for mom!

Versatile.   The Sling allows you to hold your baby in a variety of positions which is helpful for finicky babies and gives mom options for different situations.

Lightweight.  Because the slings are fabric, they are very easy to store or carry. This can be helpful when traveling or going shopping when a stroller is just too much to lug around.

Convenient.  Sometimes when you are out, there are places that are just not good for strollers, and slings are a perfect option.  They can go through crowds, up and down stairs or over bumpy roads with no problems.

Closeness.  Slings put your baby at the height of people’s faces instead of at their knees so they feel more secure, and you can keep an eye on them and attend to them more easily.

Good Investment.  You can use sling for a newborn and right up through toddlerhood, when little legs get tired of walking.

With all the benefits that a sling offers, they make a great gift for mom.  Just be sure to get someone to help you learn how to use it because sometimes if it is not positioned correctly the baby can slip out the bottom.  It is definitely worth the effort!

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