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What is a Front Pack Carrier, and should I get one?

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Front pack carriersFront pack carriers are used to carry a child in the front much like a pregnant mother carries the baby.  They are a lot like slings but are more structured in their design with an actual seat for the baby to sit on and straps that go over your shoulders and wrap around your body to support the carrier.

  • Protection.  Having the baby close by, and not near the ground in a stroller, give you more control to protect your baby from strangers and the environment.   This is helpful since it is best to shelter your smaller babies from germs.
  • Lightweight.  Front Pack Carriers are usually made of fabric in multiple styles and designs.  This can be helpful when traveling or going shopping when a stroller is just too much to lug around.
  • Freedom.  It gives you your arms back so you can get your chores done around the home, shop, or do anything that requires both arms.  Having a chance to rest the muscles in your arms is a blessing too when you first start holding your baby.  If you have other children, it helps free up your arms so you can attend to them as well!
  • Versatility.  With the Front Pack Carriers you can choose to face the baby in or out depending on the activity you will be participating in.  This is wonderful for older more social babies that like to see what is going on or interact with others.
  • Structured Construction.  The pack has a built in seat with a backrest.  This can prove to offer more safety features and opportunity for adjustment making it more comfortable and secure.
  • Convenient.  Front Pack Carriers are easy to use, but require a few more steps than a sling.   They are also not good for moving a sleeping baby without waking them.  When you shop for one, be sure to find one where the seat unbuckles separately from the harness to make sure your baby stays asleep.
  • Adjustability.  They have different straps and can adjust easily so they will fit parents or grandparents of different shapes and sizes.
  • Warmth.  Holding a baby in a front pack carrier is most similar to being held by mother.  It keeps newborns warmer and closer to mom or dad’s heart!
  • Portability.  They are relatively small and light so they are easy to carry around, but some of them are a little too bulky to put into a diaper bag.  Good to use at home or when going to and from the car.
  • Limited.  Some front pack carriers have a weight limit of 16-25 pounds or they require the baby to be able to hold his/her head up on their own.
  • Accessible.  They are easy to find and are readily available in most department stores.

Hope that information was helpful to you as you go out to look for your own baby front pack.  Take your time and find one that works well for your needs.  It is sure to be a blessing and many studies have shown that having the baby close to mom or dad helps ensure bonding as well as prevent post partum depression!

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