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What Is A Hooter Hider?

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hooter-hiderTwenty-five years ago every new mom who was able, chose to nurse her baby rather than give him formula. There was a lot of guilt aimed at the moms who didn’t even try nursing their newborn for a bit. But then, in the late nineties it became out of fashion once again and only the die-hard leftover hippies continued to recommend breast over formula. Now we have come back to realizing that nursing is a wonderful and healthy way to introduce your little one into the world.

But there still rages a controversy over nursing in public. For mothers it is natural and routine to expose the breast when baby is hungry. You just get used to it and it does not seem or feel strange or lewd in any way. But for the unprepared onlookers in a restaurant or store, to suddenly turn a corner and see this part of a women’s body exposed is shocking and disturbing. That is understandable.

For this generation of new moms there is a wonderful invention that allows nursing to be done discreetly in public so no one is embarrassed or shocked. There are probably other names for this product but the best description and the most memorable name is “Hooter Hiders”. That may offend some, but to deal with this issue with a bit of humor helps everyone to calm down and deal with the important needs of the child.

A nursing cover would be an excellent baby gift for any new mother because she may want more than one because they come in a huge variety of styles and patterns. Nursing covers are usually all cotton & machine washable. They are a piece of material that mom places over her head similar to a large bib. It has a rigid neckline that allows for ventilation as well as direct eye contact for baby and mommy. A hooter hider can also be used in other ways for Baby’s comfort. It works as a light blanket or a sunshade to protect a newborn from the suns rays.

If you are looking for a fun baby gift for the next baby shower on your calendar or you are setting up your own nest for a new arrival, a nursing cover would be a great addition to one of the fun Baby Baskets here on Doodlebuckets! It would be easy to tuck this helpful gift into one of the pre-assembled Baby Baskets!

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