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What Shall We Name the Baby?

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name-your-babyWhen you were a little child your parents may have allowed you to name your dog or your goldfish. You may have pondered the important decision for hours or days. But most likely, you spit out the first name that came to your little head. That is why there are so many dogs named “Spot” and fish named “Goldie” or “Swimmy”.

Now you are a brand new parent who has the job of choosing your child’s name! The requirements for this task are much more involved than your first chance at creating a name. Where do you begin and how will you and your spouse maneuver this smoothly together?

It is a good idea to have this discussion long before you are expecting a baby, but not everyone gets that chance. If you have never walked into this area of compromise and grace, it is time for some delicate navigating.

Your spouse or partner have created a brand new human being. Your baby is a representation of both of you, but she is also her own person and personality. Keep this in mind while on a search for the perfect name.

Most names have a deeper meaning behind them from their origin. You may choose to embrace that meaning or simply ignore it, depending on your agreement with it. If the name you love has a negative meaning, don’t discard the name. You can always find a positive way to use the meaning. Turn it around and make the weakness into a strength.

Some people feel strongly that the name you give your child will determine their future character and personality. But we all know people who are the opposite of their names don’t we?  So don’t get stuck in that quandary. Allow yourself to search with the freedom to choose a name that just makes you smile.

Your spouse is also coming into the adventure with a background history of names and memories that are associated with certain names. You will need to delicately find a way to compromise by using your favorite as the middle name or a nickname. This can work both ways of course!

Practice saying your favorite name out loud along with your last name. There are many versions available of most names. Write it out and be sure you have a correct spelling. Otherwise your son or daughter will find themselves constantly correcting teachers, bosses and friends in the years to come.

Research your family background and you may come upon a wonderful heritage name that will be honoring to your parents or grandparents. You may also want to check into your ethnic background for inspiration! The treasures that can be found online are limitless!

Always make sure that your new family member is not burdened with an embarrassing initial combination. Living with initials that spell out a bad word or negative meaning can be very tough in the early school years.

You want your son or daughter to love and cherish the gift you have given them. So take your time and enjoy the process of choosing your baby’s name. You will all live with it for a very long time!

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